Chit chat with baby

From a serious conversation to talking about the weather, what is happening around you or making silly sounds, babies love to hear you talk. This means one of the best, and easiest, activities you can do with your baby is have a chat!

Having a chat will help them to learn mouth movements as they watch you form words and make sounds and, as they do, they will get more control and be able to repeat those sounds again and again.

Copying you, and doing the same things over and over again, is how they learn. So, for some great one-on-one development time, why not sit down and get face to face with your baby?

Serve and Return

As you chat about what is happening, take a moment and stop. Wait and let your baby have a turn. They may make a sound, or it might just be a movement or a smile. After they have taken a turn, you take a turn. And so on. Anything that creates a back and forward – conversation – is so much fun for them! (And you too.)

It doesn’t have to be all talk

Running out of things to say? Another thing to do that’s great fun for both of you is making some silly sounds. Try sticking out your tongue, blowing a raspberry or making an ‘blurty noise’ with your hand.

Let them take the lead

Or you can let your baby lead the conversation. A great way to get your baby to ‘talk’ is for you to copy your baby. For example: when your baby says “yah yah”, repeat this straight back “yah yah yah!”, then wait for your baby to take another turn. 

Sibling love

Do you have older children?  Why not get them to sit down with their baby brother or sister and have a chat too! This creates special time for siblings that babies just love. There is such a lot of joy in sitting, looking and talking together. So, any chance you get, take a moment to relax and have fun chatting with your baby!