Dance to the beat!

Dance to the beat

Music makes the world go round! It helps us find calm, and lets us explore different cultures and places. Listening and responding to music builds listening, rhythm and coordination skills.  

Most children experience a sense of wellbeing in music and free dancing activities.  

With music and dance there are so many options and so much potential. Your child will love exploring different styles of music. So, get ready to share your tastes and styles, and explore some new ones together. 

Find a cleared space where you can dance. A portable speaker is great, then your dance floor can be just about anywhere. 

Put on different styles of music: from classical and jazz, to disco, rock, hip hop and reggae! (Maybe even a little Wiggles, if you haven’t had enough of that!)  

What do you like? What does your child like? You will be able to tell by the way they respond. 

Encourage your child to move to the beat and the rhythm. Do it yourself and they will follow.  

Dancing is great for fitness, so you can get some cardio exercise, too. 

Now you are getting into it, why not create a disco? Close the curtains and grab some torches. If you have little torches, your child will have a great time moving the torch to the music while they dance.  

You can sing and play along too! If you don’t know the words, don’t let that stop you. Grab some handy items – such as a wooden spoon and an upside-down bowl, or two sticks you can bang together – and start making some noise! Try to encourage your child to sing and play along to the rhythm – this is excellent for their development. 

What are you waiting for? Get your boogie shoes on and dance to the beat! 

Dance to the beat!